Body Percussion as a classroom starter activity (for any subject)

Specialist music teachers have long known the value of body percussion. It’s music that you can make anywhere and with anything. This makes it an equally exciting tool for use by non-musicians in their lessons. We have pulled together four of our favourite ways for any teacher to make use of body percussion in their starter activities. The ideas below will allow you to make music with your class so that you can deliver the learning objectives of any subject. Body Percussion with Call and Response​ Sometimes, lessons need to start with an energiser. Last lesson of a rainy day? Start with an energiser. A sleepy class after a school trip? Start with an energiser. It wakes everyone up and gets the children ready to learn. A great option is to combine body percussion with call and response. Try clapping and stomping a rhythm to your class and getting them to copy it back to you. Be fussy about the pupils being accurate with the rhythm and keeping a steady pulse. This will focus their minds on accuracy and wake them up! It doesn’t even have to be limited to a starter activity. Does your lesson feel a little one-paced? ...

The Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) – Why Primary Science? A highlight of the teacher support we offer, and one of our key resources, now in Welsh!

The PSTT is an educational charity whose vision is “to see excellent teaching of primary science in every classroom in the UK.” Research tells us that a child can decide that science is not for them before they leave primary school. This presents a huge concern, because whether a child chooses a career in science or not, they still require a level of scientific literacy to make informed and responsible decisions about their personal health and well-being, and the important wider issues for society. Furthermore, the future of the UK economy depends on a continuous pipeline of skilled scientists entering the workforce. A good primary teacher nurtures a child’s innate curiosity about the world around them which is crucial for the development of scientific skills, understanding and positive attitudes to science. This is no easy task and teachers need continued support. The PSTT seeks to provide this support through offering free-to-access resources and lesson plans; largely underpinned by substantiated research from practising teachers and our partnerships with academic collaborators. Further, we recognise the achievements of outstanding primary science teachers and award them Fellowship to our virtual College. Through the Primary Science Teacher College our Fellows receive access to funding and continued ...

Samaritans 24/7 – Talking About Mental Health

Today is the Samaritans 24/7 Awareness Day, running alongside their “Talk to Us” mental health awareness campaign which takes place annually in July. Today, the 24th July (or, 24/7) is a very significant date, the Samaritans are hosting the #TheBigListen to highlight the fact that the Samaritans are always available in their call centres 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Anybody who is struggling with their mental health, their feelings and emotions can call the Samaritans at any time and verbalise their thoughts, and get their problems off their chest to an experienced and understanding counsellor. “If you're given the time and space to talk things through, you can find a way through your problems.” - Samaritans Website.  It's good to TALK - Samaritans At NES, we are extremely passionate about mental health awareness, and ensuring we spread the word of ways troubled people can get help if they are struggling.  One of our Directors, Nicola S Morgan, has created a short video which explains one method of how to carry out a conversation about mental health and emotions in young people, in an open and understanding way, whilst ensuring the troubled individual has the correct treatment and help. ...

Last chance to enter the NES Innovation Award – applications closing this month!

After receiving a fantastic variety of products and solutions for our NES Innovation Award 2018, we are starting to wrap up our applications, but there’s still time to get yours in for just £49+vat per entry! What we’re looking for: We’re looking for any products, services, solutions or initiatives that have been offered and provided for schools this year that have created significant change, improvements or innovation within the establishment. We’re looking for ideas that are adventurous, unique and effective in their aims and have evidence to support it.The award will be judged on the originality of the idea, the effectiveness of its utilisation in schools, potential development opportunities of the product or service, and the overall brand impact of the company. If your new service or product is making waves in the education sector - we want to know about it! The winner will receive: The NES Innovation Award Trophy Company Logo on Show’s Front Web Page Logo in Delegate Brochure Full-page write-up in delegate brochure Use of National Education Show Award logo on marketing and communications materials. Interview with film crew on day of the event. So, if you were thinking of entering - now is the time to do it! Find and fill in our application ...

Just 20 stands left at The National Education Show – book now to avoid missing out!

The National Education Show is proving to be even more popular than last year, we could only imagine in part to the great feedback we received last year. We already have over 80 exhibitors coming to Cardiff City Hall on November 16th to show off their products and services to packed out rooms of delegates. But don't worry, we still have 20 stands remaining so you haven't missed your chance just yet to exhibit with us. We're happy to have such a large selection of companies offering a multitude of products and services for the education sector, from classroom equipment and furniture, interactive teaching tools, child safeguarding software, class management apps and so much more! Want to Exhibit? We're looking for companies that have innovative products for the education sector

Exhibitor Spotlight: IAS Advance

This week's exhibitor spotlight is brought to you by IAS Advance, as they take a look over the past 6 years, and introduce to us how their fantastic product and company came to be. IAS Advance@IASAdvance Stand 21 & 22We’re proud of our range of IAS Advance systems, the story of how they came to be is an unusual one worth telling. Back in 2012, our Director of Product Development, Matthew Young, was asked to put himself forward as a parent governor by the enterprising Headteacher.Elected by a landslide (on the basis that nobody else was nominated!) he became increasingly aware of some of the frustrations encountered by both teachers and senior management; with the amount of time which had to be dedicated to both recording and analysing assessment data to demonstrate attainment and progress, and of the inflexibility of systems to adapt to evolving needs.When talking these issues through with staff both at this school, and others in the local area, the foundation of ideas for IAS Advance range of solutions began to take shape -although a lack of time (and a software development team!) meant that the ideas still couldn’t become a reality, yet.In 2015, Matthew approached our company with ...

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