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Speaker Spotlight: Alison Delaney

Hello! Hope everyone had a fab Easter and is feeling refreshed for the rest of the school year! We're back with another Speaker Spotlight, this time from Alison Delaney, motivational speaker, author and founder of Little Bird.Many reports have highlighted the alarming research that our children lose faith in their own abilities as young as six years old. It's also with alarming regularity that these emotional limiting beliefs continue to hold us back into adult life.With this in mind, surely the importance of building confidence and self-belief in our children is a priority. In this workshop, we'll explore how subconscious
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Exhibitor Spotlight: Easy Read Time Teacher

With 135 exhibitors set to attend The  National Education Show in Cardiff this year, it's going to be a great event! Joining us in October (6 months to go!!) will be Easy Read Time Teacher, an early years and primary resource to aid children to tell the time. To order your free delegate ticket to visit our school supplies and products exhibition, click HEREEasyRead Time TeacherStand 61@EasyReadTimewww.easyreadtimeteacher.comEasyRead Time Teacher make working wall clocks, watches and classroom resources that help children learn to tell the time. Using their innovative step by step teaching methods and clear clock face designs most children, including
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