DoodleMaths win NES Innovation Award 2018

Following last week's blog post, announcing our finalists for the NES Innovation Award, we can now reveal that DoodleMaths by Ez Education have been awarded the top spot for this year's competition!

Our judges felt that DoodleMaths was the deserved winner of our Innovation Award, with their exciting and innovative maths tutoring software, designed to analyse students' progress and create a bespoke study programme for the individual by assessing their weaknesses and strengths. 

Using its intelligent algorithm, DoodleMaths creates tasks and questions that match your pupil or child's abilities, which allows you extra time to support them in their learning and motivating, rather than creating lesson plans and individual learning objectives for each student.

Through a 2016 study with the University of Bath - in which 128 children were tested during summer - it has been proven that children using DoodleMaths for 20 minutes per week were 4x less likely to suffer learning loss, and, on returning to school in September, their scores averaged 9.4% more than their counterparts who didn’t use DoodleMaths.

Comments from our judges:

"This has super potential and is apparently 'intelligent' enough to use algorithms to ensure that pupils work within their ZPD."  

"DoodleMaths is a highly valuable resource for schools, allowing teachers more time to focus on teaching their class rather than planning lessons. The technology seems very impressive and definitely innovative." 

A huge congratulations to the DoodleMaths team for winning the awards! Also, a big round of applause for our finalists:

- Genee World & Speechlink (Highly Commended Runners Up)

-  Easy Read Time Teacher, Gaia Technologies, 4Matrix (Commended Finalists) 

All of our finalists will be exhibiting their fantastic products at The National Education Show's exhibition on 16th November. ​To visit, order your tickets today!