Five Reasons Exhibiting at The NES Will Benefit Your Business!

Five Reasons Exhibiting at The NES Will Benefit Your Business!

It’s just five months until The National Education Show hits Cardiff, and our exhibition stands are being snapped up fast!

We’ve had some fantastic organisations already confirm their space at The National Education Show including Cornerstones Education, Welsh Books Council, NASUWT, Ben Q, and a whole load more. We can’t wait to meet them in October, along with our other 135+ exhibitors!

Still on the fence over taking that step and booking a stand with us for the 25th October? Well, hopefully your decision will be made that little bit easier after you read five of the many reasons you should be exhibiting at the event!

  1. Advertisement/Exposure
    The National Education Show is the ideal occasion to advertise your brand and gain exposure within nationwide businesses, schools and other educational institutions from all around the UK. The visitors to this event will be key decision makers within their institutions, hoping to get ideas and inspiration to improve their standards of education – and they’ll be making big decisions on the day! Missing out on the event could potentially mean missing out on a lot of quality conversations.

  2. Collecting Data
    There’ll be plenty of opportunities to collect valuable data on the day, and The NES will also be collecting visitor data which will be available to purchase after the event. Data is crucial to develop a large and useful customer database and implement strong marketing campaigns through email or telephone. Using data from the event will assure that your contacts all have a united interest and actively partake in networking and events attendance –  in this circumstance it would be within the education sector.

  3. Assessing the Competition
    “What are they doing, that we aren’t?” Might be a question you’ve been asking yourself about your brand. Well, there’s no better way of assessing that than watching how other companies communicate with the visitors, how they explain their products and the ways they grab the attention of passers by. Use the event as an opportunity to study and assess how your competitors work, and how you can take extra steps to get above them.

  4. Practicing Your Own Pitch
    You can then use this new knowledge gained from watching other companies to practice your own pitching style, working out what works for your brand and what doesn’t. Direct marketing is a practiced skill which, once cracked, can expose your company to masses of new opportunities and connections. Exhibiting at big events such as The NES will give your staff the confidence to communicate your product in the best way possible.

  5. Introducing Yourself and Your Product to a New Audience.
    This could finally be the opportunity your brand has been waiting for – a chance to be introduced into a new audience. Many businesses we’ve spoken to would love to expose their product to the education sector due to their clear relation to each other (e.g Printing Services, Waste Disposal, Recruitment, Catering)  – but they are unsure of how to approach it. The National Education Show is supplying them with exactly that – a gateway into the education sector and an opportunity to expand their product to new avenues.

With so many different reasons to exhibit – what are you waiting for? The National Education Show has so many benefits to your business it would be a shame to miss out on such a brilliant opportunity.

So, if you’re ready to take the step and book your stall, you can download the Exhibitor Guide HERE, the City Hall floor plan HERE, and a booking form HERE,

Happy to help.

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