Five top tips to having a Happy Blue Monday (and January!) for 2019

Five top tips to having a Happy Blue Monday (and January!) for 2019

Today is Blue Monday, the 3rd Monday of January. According to “Blue Monday can be traced back to 2005 when Cliff Arnall released a press release that stated that January 18th was the most depressing day of the year and that this was calculated using several factors such as weather, debt and motivational levels.”

With many people feeling the hump today, it may seem impossible to get into an energised and positive mindset, but the NES Team have come up with 5 ideas that may tame Blue Monday (and the rest of the month) and get you back on track for the year!

Try something new this week

After such a busy Christmas period, sometimes our restlessness can stem from suddenly going back to our usual routine. For most reading this, it will be the standard school hours, or 9-5 in the office.

Trying something new in this hump week can re-energise you, and shake up your normal routine – you might even find you want to go back every week! Some ideas: dance classes, local choir, cookery lessons, a volunteering group.

Get Chatting

Even if you have an active social life, also making connections and relationships in your work life is important. Work can feel so much easier with the knowledge you have a friend to turn to who understands the workplace.

During your lunch break on this Blue Monday, maybe try and spark up a conversation with another staff member, rather than looking at your mobile phone or reading. You might be surprised who you click with!   


Be kind to yourself

Even though you may have failed spectacularly on your New Year’s Resolution (it’s okay Рso did we), that doesn’t mean the end of the line for your self-improvement for 2019. So, you didn’t manage to curb that chocolate addiction, you still established your goal and tried to reach it!

Tackling a big task like cutting out a habit, or starting a healthier one, can take time. Keep taking those little steps, and the end result will keep getting nearer.       


Make a thankful list.

Thankful lists are becoming more and more popular as a replacement to the traditional New Year’s Resolution as a way of re-energising your life after a busy year.  Oprah Winfrey is a big advocate of these lists, and it’s easy to see why.

The simple instruction is: buy a notebook, think of things you are thankful about each day, and write them down. That’s it!  Looking back on what you’re grateful for will inspire you daily to keep going. Plus, you’ll find yourself start to seek out the good things in life, which is always a good thing.


Meet up with some friends

You may have seen your friends many times over the Christmas period, at various parties or events. But, grabbing a quiet coffee or meeting up for a walk in January is a completely different occasion. If Blue Monday has beaten you, give a friend or a family member who understands you a call. Hearing their voice and having a laugh with them might be all you need to get you back on track.




We hope these tips help, but if the January period and Blue Monday have really gotten the better of you, there are also fantastic organisations across the UK dedicated to listening to you and helping you work through your problems: the NHS has a fantastic directory here.


So, from everyone at the NES Team, we hope you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2019 Рif these tips help you, please give them a share!