Our most popular seminars are selling out at NES – get them before they’re gone!

Our fantastic range of educational sessions at NES 2018 are proving even more popular this year, with tickets selling even quicker than last year. With many of our CPD accredited seminars already close to selling out!

Topics featuring mental health, raising standards and curriculum change are proving very popular again this year, with some of our talks by the UK’s top speakers down to less than 5 tickets left. If you were planning on booking on to any of the following seminars, get in touch today to reserve your place, before it’s too late!

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Visible Learning in the Classroom
- Jackie Beere

Presented by Jackie Beer, Visible Learning represents the most comprehensive analysis of current educational research into what works to help children make progress.

This workshop will introduce a perspective on this and other research, such as Carol Dweck’s powerful research on growth mindset, in order to help you improve your impact. Make learning even more engagingeffective and visible in your classroom to promote progress and resilience.

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Breaking Down the Barriers: Raising Boys’ Achievement
- Gary Wilson

Presented by Gary Wilson, this seminar reflects on what it takes to break down the barriers and raise boys’ achievement and how this will have implications for your own school.

  • Achievement – setting the context of boys’ underachievement, outlining the barriers to boys’ achievement from early years on wards.
  • Breaking through the barriers to boys’ achievement in literacy.
  • Effective strategies for breaking through other barriers to boys’ achievement, Focus on emotional intelligencepeer pressureteacher expectations and appropriate teaching and learning skills effective for boys without disadvantaging girls.
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Managing Confrontation in a ‘Classroom’ Environment
- Vince Donovan

Presented by Personal Safety Trainer Vince Donovan, this presentation aims to provide delegates with a host of skills and strategies to deal effectively and safely with confrontation within the ‘classroom’ environment.

The combination of theory and practical demonstrations will provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss and explore such issues in a safe learning environment.

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Mental Toughness – Practical Ways to Develop Resilient Pupils
- Nicola S Morgan

Presented by Nicola S. Morgan, developing pupils’ resilience is now being seen as just as important as academic learning and well being.

This seminar will look at practical approaches to developing resilient pupils and provide a wealth of practical strategies so that they become mentally tough and are able to bounce back in challenging situations.

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Come outside – Explore, Experiment and Enjoy! (SOLD OUT) - New Time Added!
- Meriel Jones

Due to Meriel's first seminar selling out, she will be the holding the same seminar again earlier in the day between 11am and 12pm. Make sure to book your tickets now as we're sure it will be sold out again soon! 

The outdoors provides children with a unique learning environment and fantastic opportunities for getting up close with nature, awakening curiosity, questioning and imagination. Children who regularly spend time and play in the natural world develop strong environmental memories which last a lifetime. Being in the natural world has a positive impact on children’s health and well-being.

This is a practicalhands on session that will provide you with great ideas and engaging fun activities to try out with your class.

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Bringing Donaldson to Life: The Twelve Pedagogical Principles for Wales in Action
- Debra Kidd

A curriculum comes to life in the classroom and only in the classroom. So what could the new Welsh curriculum, with its emphasis on ethics and values, look like in action?

Debra Kidd will take you through a number of examples, closely linked to the principles underpinning the new curriculum, to show that this is a great opportunity to help children to thrivethinkcreateconnect and learn.

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For just £10 per ticket, you can fill your entire day at the National Education Show with a huge variety of inspiring and informative seminars for a total of just £50! To bring along a few staff would be fantastic investment in your school staff’s CPD, with all seminar accredited!

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