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About this Seminar:

Breaking Down the barriers: Raising Boys’ Achievement

This seminar reflects on what it takes to break down the barriers and raise boys’ achievement and how this might have implications for your own school. Covering:
– Achievement – setting the context of boys’ underachievement, outlining the barriers to boys’ achievement from early
years onwards.
– Breaking through the barriers to boys’ achievement in literacy, effective strategies to break down the barriers to boys’
– Effective strategies for breaking through other barriers to boys’ achievement, Focus on emotional intelligence, peer pressure, teacher expectations, and appropriate teaching and learning skills effective for boys without disadvantaging girls.
This seminar is sponsored by Oxford University Press.

Seminar Details

Time: 11.00am-12.00pm

Language: Eng

Target Audience: All

About the Speaker:

Gary Wilson

Education Consultant

Gary is a freelance consultant who talks about tracing under achievement from Pre School to 16 and what we can do to prevent it. He explains about how to interact with boys to optimise learning and overcoming barriers to achievement.
Gary has been a teacher for 26 years in Huddersfield and has spent a great deal of that career specializing in raising boys’ achievement. He is a fantastic speaker – providing his audience with real tried and tested methods to break the boundaries of boys’ under achievement and bring about significant whole school improvement. He is the author of several books on the subject and is used extensively by several LAs and organisations to implement his ideas on closing the gender gap.


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