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About this Seminar:

Bringing Donaldson to Life: The Twelve Pedagogical Principles for Wales in Action.

A curriculum comes to life in the classroom and only in the classroom. So what could the new Welsh curriculum, with its emphasis on ethics and values, look like in action? Debra will take you through a number of examples, closely linked to the principles underpinning the new curriculum, to show that this is a great opportunity to help children to thrive, think, create, connect and learn.

Seminar Details

Time: 3.30-4.30pm

Language: Eng

Target Audience: All

About the Speaker:

Dr Debra Kid

Associate of Independent Thinking Ltd

When it comes to embedding genuine creativity in our classroom practice, Dr Debra Kidd has been walking the talk for many years now. She combines the rare feat of having teaching experience in every phase of education with her recent doctoral studies looking at the genuinely complex nature of education alongside a growing international reputation.

With such a unique background, she is very well placed to help teachers with practical, insightful and inspiring ideas to help bring lessons to life for all children, regardless of academic or social background.

What’s more, she is proving herself to be a powerful ally for the sorts of school leaders and policy makers who are looking for support when it comes to standing up for the sort of education we can all believe in.


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