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About this Seminar:

Coaching to support teacher autonomy and student attainment

Coaching is more and more seen as an essential leadership tool. There is now a weight of evidence to show that a coaching approach has significant benefits for schools including:
– teacher autonomy
– improved morale
– collective responsibility
and improved student attainment

In this short session we will build on leaders’ existing knowledge, and give them a framework for powerful coaching conversations. We will review listening, questioning and pausing skills, and give leaders the framework for prepared and impromptu coaching sessions

Seminar Details

Time: 12.30-1.30pm

Language: Eng

Target Audience: Leadership & Management

About the Speaker:

Charlie Warshawski

Education Leadership, Coach and Trainer Love Your Coaching

Charlie is an education leadership coach and trainer, specialising in supporting organisational, team and individual change. He offers 25 years of leadership and training experience, with a background that spans the education, voluntary and commercial sectors. He has worked in the UK, Europe and South America. Individuals and schools create sustainable change as a result of his rigorous processes, respectful challenges and empathetic support. He has worked with students as their mentor, with staff and leadership teams as their coach. School leaders have increasingly complex issues to deal with, relating both to people and processes. Implementing new ways of working and getting the best out of their teams can be challenging because of a belief that people don’t change. Charlie has a fresh approach, using brain friendly techniques, providing easy to use tools and strategies. These allow leaders to see their capacity to operate differently, and see themselves and others as works in progress – who can change, grow and develop. Students also are presented with challenges every day, in order to fulfil their potential. Many thrive in the school environment, whilst others flounder. The support given by Charlie allows them to see themselves in the best possible light, and to develop the capacity to believe they can achieve and develop new skills.

Charlie is engaged by local authorities, state and independent schools to provide:

• Coaching for head teachers and leadership teams: 1:1 or in groups

• Design and delivery of coaching skills programmes, including accredited qualifications

• Providing student training on memory skills, motivation, optimism, self belief, relationships

• Conference presentations and keynote talks Charlie embodies what he teaches, and is constantly learning.​


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