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About this Seminar:

Daily Excellence in the Primary Classroom

This seminar focuses on the pedagogical principles that underpin daily teaching excellence. I will share a range of practical learning tools that have been implemented successfully to develop excellence at the chalk face in a Primary School; exploring the 12 pedagogical principles outlined in Professor Donaldson’s Successful Futures on the way.

Seminar Details

Time: 2.00-3.00pm

Language: Eng

Target Audience: Primary

About the Speaker:

Lynsey Wangiel

Deputy Headteacher & Winner of The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Primary School Deighton Primary School

My name is Lynsey Wangiel. I am Deputy Head and Year1/2 teacher at Deighton Primary School in Tredegar, Blaenau Gwent. In September 2016, after teaching for 10 years in KS2, I made the move to Foundation Phase; both to support the school in a leadership void and to widen my teaching experience. Although it has been challenging and has pushed me right to the edge of my comfort zone, it has been the most valuable professional development for me. I now feel I am gaining a solid understanding of pedagogy and assessment procedures in both Key Stages.
Prior to working at Deighton Primary School, I worked in a school in Braintree, Essex for a year and then for 5 and a half years at Woodlands Community Primary School in Torfaen. For 3 years at Woodlands I was PSE and ICT Co-ordinator and was successful in gaining the BECTA accreditation for the school; the first school in Torfaen to receive the award. I now lead on Literacy and Teaching and Learning at Deighton Primary after being ICT Co-ordinator for 4 years.
In May 2017, I was named as Welsh Government’s Teacher of the Year. This was highly unexpected. As a teacher, I don’t always believe in myself and I am my own worst critic so winning the award was a huge honour; it’s good to know that I’m making a positive difference and that my hard work and dedication is having an impact on a wider level.


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