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About this Seminar:

Dogs helping children (and adults) in School

The seminar will introduce delegates to the process of introducing a dog into the primary school classroom. We will talk about our journey of introducing Bailey, our school dog, and share the impact of his work to delegates. This is reflected not only on the academic outcomes of pupils, but also in the work with SEMH pupils as well as pupils and staff who were nervous of dogs.

Seminar Details

Time: 2.00-3.00pm

Language: Eng

Target Audience: Early Years, Primary, SEND

About the Speaker:

Julie Rees, Jo Goodman & Bailey

“Head Teacher, Year 2 teacher and owner of Bailey” Ledbury Primary School

Teaching is Jo’s second career and Ledbury Primary School is Jo’s second school.  Jo has taught across foundation stage, Years 2 and 3.

Jo always wanted a dog as a pet and thought she would never be able to have one whilst also being a teacher due to long school days.  However, when Julie, Jo’s Head teacher, suggested the school were going to have a dog and they needed a teacher to be its owner, Jo jumped at the chance.  Jo and her pet dog, Bailey, currently work together in Year 2 at Ledbury Primary School.  Bailey is training to qualify as a working dog in school through a charity called ‘Dogs Helping Kids’.  He has to pass assessments to earn his orange coat and DHK awards.

Bailey is a labradoodle and everyone in the Ledbury community views Bailey as part of the staff.  He is still a puppy and training to listen to pupils read, work with emotionally challenged pupils and support pupils in his class.

Ledbury Primary School is a celebrated school for embedding Values-based Education and, as Head teacher, Julie Rees is a recognised consultant for her work in this area. Ledbury was described as a flourishing school in its most recent Ofsted report.  

Julie’s leadership and her total commitment to developing pupils’ achievement and their sense of values have made Ledbury a very successful school. She has welded together a team of staff who have high expectations for their pupils and who are proud to belong to the school.

Julie is regarded as “an inspirational speaker” – having spoken at over twenty leadership conferences across the country. She contributes to the student conferences at UCW and Ledbury is a Primary Student training partnership hub for the University.  

Some of the exciting initiatives Julie and her team have embedded at Ledbury include; Forest Schools, Peer Massage, Nurture Group, Functional Reflex Therapy, Mindfulness and during this last year a school dog called Bailey.


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