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About this Seminar:

Mantle of the expert: Dilemma led learning

Hywel will show how protecting children into contexts can deepen learning, build enquiry and offer opportunities for powerful writing. There will also be dilemmas to resolve and laughs to be had.

Seminar Details

Time: 12.30-1.30pm

Language: Eng

Target Audience: Primary & Secondary

About the Speaker:

Hywel Roberts

Travelling Teachers Create Learn Inspire Ltd

Hywel’s reputation has grown hugely since he stepped out of the classroom in 2009. He has found an incredible and innovative niche in the world of model teaching contributing to and advising curriculum designers and innovators from Barnsley to Brussels, from Cairo to Cleethorpes. Hywel is as at home in front of hundreds of Headteachers on the conference circuit as he is when working with EAL children on the carpets of their classrooms. Hywel contributes to the national conversation around education at school and university level. He is an experienced teacher in Special, Primary and Secondary settings, nationally and internationally.
He is also a well- respected author and contributes regularly to a variety of publications. As well as contributing to University Education programmes in Sheffield, Leeds, Huddersfield, Liverpool, Durham and Wolverhampton, Hywel still works with children, keeping his insight fresh, current and useful. His work deals with curriculum liberation, creative practice, engagement, leadership, literacy, teacher development and Imagineering – the liberation of the art of teaching. In addition to working in schools, Hywel is a regular contributor to conferences including The Sunday Telegraph Festival of Education, Northern Rocks, Practical Pedagogies in France, and The University of Belfast Thinking Conference.
He is also in demand as a conference keynote speaker working alongside colleagues such as Mick Waters, Karen Ardley, The Real David Cameron and Estelle Morris as well as associates of Ian Gilbert’s Independent Thinking Ltd, an organisation he is very passionate about. His award winning book ‘Oops! Getting Children to Learn Accidentally’ is published by Crown House Publishing and has proved very popular with educators around the world and now is a feature on the reading list of many university teacher training courses. His next book is published in 2017. He’s also very, very funny.


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