Delve further into Subject Development at this year’s National Education Show

The programme at this year's National Education Show has been designed to provide teaching staff in all stages and levels of their professional career a chance to develop a range of skills.

In our programme, we've featured a selection of seminars designed to aid in Subject Development, in subjects including science, languages and more. With guest appearances from Daf Baker, Karen Milles, and a great list of highly-skilled education professionals, these seminars on Subject Development will explore methods and ideas that you and your staff can implement in your classrooms.  

Alongside this, we have a fantastic exhibition of school products, services and supplies with over 130 companies offering demonstrations, deals and introductory offers. 

Check out our list below of seminars that will help with subject development. Don't delay - make the most of our £10 tickets today! 

Subject Development
Love Languages, Love Learning

- Liz McLean

Liz McLean has been a teacher of Languages for almost 20 years and is currently Head of Languages at Christ College Brecon. She sees language learning as a vital skill in any pupil profile and aims to share her passion for languages with the pupils that she teaches.

This seminar will look at how to get pupils on board in their language learning and how to build their confidence and resilience in the languages classroom. At a time when language teaching and learning is in decline, we need to be better than ever before in making language learning relevant, exciting and necessary for a broad and balanced learning profile.

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Subject Development

The Maths Sandwhich!
- Karen Wilding

This session will demonstrate how the simple, yet highly effective ‘Maths Sandwich’ model can help you plan for purposeful, engaging mathematics at every age group.

Having taught for over twenty years in the primary sector and led school improvement as an Early Years adviser and mathematics consultant, she brings a wealth of experiences, knowledge and passion to her role. Karen’s training focuses upon the need for sustained and continuous development in teacher pedagogy and subject knowledge with her sessions regularly described as ‘inspirational, thought-provoking and refreshing’.

Come and be inspired!

Subject Development
Supporting Standards in Science
- Karen Milles

Karen was the Curriculum Improvement Advisor for Science and ESDGC for Newport City Council as well as the regional coordinator for ESDGC Schools Networks. She has an M.A. in Early Years Education and was a Foundation Phase team inspector for Estyn. So you know you're in the right hands for this seminar!

During the seminar delegates will:
• consider how to support standards in science using self and peer assessment
• explore how a science working wall develops standards and skills

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Subject Development
Love your Dyslexic Brain!

Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies presents a practical and interactive session demonstrating multi-sensory strategies to engage dyslexic pupils in learning!

DCHQ (Dyslexia Club Headquarters) is a club for dyslexic pupils where the aim is to raise self esteem and confidence through problem solving and creative activities. Children are given opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills, memory, auditory and visual perception, phonological awareness and social skills.

This seminar will demonstrate how to adapt learning strategies both indoors and outdoors in order to engage dyslexic pupils and to develop metacognition through activities which explore how our brains process the world around us.

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Subject Development
Good Practice in PSE Delivery
Daf Baker

Daf Baker will be hosting this workshop, designed to support tutors with the delivery and assessment of personal and social education curriculum.

The PSE qualifications develop the understanding, skills and values needed for learners to manage and lead fulfilling lives by developing, for example, their well-being and resilience.

This workshop will present the opportunity to share good practices, ideas and mechanisms for the successful engagement and achievement of learners across a range of PSE units and levels of units within the qualification suite.

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