Time to Talk Day – Tips on talking about Mental Health

Time to Talk Day – Tips on talking about Mental Health

This year’s Time to Talk Day is all about bringing together the right ingredients, to have a conversation about mental health. Whether that’s tea, biscuits and close friends or a room full of people challenging mental health stigma, we want you to get talking.

Promoting the open discussion of mental health is so important, and finding time to speak to your loved ones about how they are feeling emotionally ensures that if they ever have mental health issues, they will feel more comfortable to explain them to friends and family.   

“However you do it, make a conversation about mental health.”

 – Time to Change Website 

It’s good to TALK 

At NES, we are extremely passionate about mental health awareness, and ensuring we spread the word of ways troubled people can get help if they are struggling. 

One of our Directors, Nicola S Morgan, has created a short video which explains one method of how to carry out a conversation about mental health and emotions in young people, in an open and understanding way, whilst ensuring the troubled individual has the correct treatment and help. Take a look here

The TED/HUG Method

To begin with a difficult conversation with a troubled person, you may like to use this tactic:

T – “Tell me what you’re thinking about”

E – “Explain how you feel.”

D – “Decide what you want to do.”

Once you have listened to their feelings and thoughts closely, without any interruption or judgement, you can use these phrases to reassure them you care and understand: 

H – “I Hear what you are saying.”

U – “I Understand how you’re seeing things.”

G – “I will guide you by signposting you to resources and professionals.”

Also, adopting the use of open questions allows the person you are speaking to to add more detail into their story, and will overall allow you to gain a better understanding of exactly what has happened, and how it has impacted their mental health. 

If you are worried about a friend or family member, the Time to Talk is RIGHT NOW!

Mind UK, who lead the Time to Change day, want to encourage people to listen to the really important things their friends, family and colleagues need to tell them, and to actually devote some time and attention to being better listeners.

When people feel listened to, it can save a life. .

Let them know you’re there, it could make the world of difference to their mindset to know they are not alone. If you’re unsure of how to begin the process, please check the Time to Change Website for their range of fantastic resources, tips and advice.